America’s Best Value Inn and Suites Rock Springs, WY 09/04/10

We arrived a few minutes prior to midnight as the date turned from the third to the fourth of September. First impressions were positive for this 2-star Hotwire rated hotel. There was what appeared to be a pool in a well-maintained courtyard and a lobby with breakfast nook sporting tall glass windows and chandeliers. However, that positive impression didn’t last as we approached the front desk and called out, “hello?” to initiate our check-in service.  A man appeared from the back in an un-tucked, stained shirt and he proceeded to hand me a card to fill out for registration. This I was surprised by because I didn’t think hotels used such old fashioned methods anymore. After completing the registration card the front office attendant provided us our set of e-keys that my wife returned shortly because they wouldn’t work on the door. The one thing I did like about the front office is that they had a pantry off to the side stocked with such practical items as toothpaste, shaving cream, and toothbrushes. This was particularly handy as we forgot a toothbrush and toothpaste. I was also amazed when I went to purchase the toothpaste and the attended called-out the utterly low price of 75 cents. The room was not very comfortable at all. The bed although listed as a queen was really no bigger than a full-size. The room had the distinct scent of mold and dust. And although they had made attempts to place “black-out” shades in the room, by 7:30 it seemed as though it was mid-day.

The continental breakfast served that morning was a high-fat affair. There were buttery scrambled eggs, fatty sausage bathing in oil, and biscuits and gravy I wouldn’t have touched with a ten foot pole. There were no traces of yogurt or fruit typically found at a hotel’s continental breakfast. No wonder I don’t blame my wife for staying in the room and catching a few extra zzz’s on that bed truly built for one. So to conclude I will have to say that Hotwire’s rating was a bit generous at 2 stars due to the uncomfortable nature of the room. On a good day I would be inclined to view it as 1 ½ stars at best.

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