Hilton Inn Salt Lake City Airport 9/4-9/5

We checked in shortly after 4 p.m. and were immediately greeted by a lobby full of well dressed people celebrating a family reunion. It was noisy and crowded and seemed that the front desk attendants were overwhelmed trying to manage to overabundance of guests in the lobby and the influx of new patrons checking in. Despite such chaos, the front desk attendants were courteous and very helpful. Upon entering our poolside room on the second floor, my wife and I noticed that no natural light could penetrate the room. In addition, we were in desperate need of a refrigerator for fruit that had been in the car since Wyoming but there was not one available. The rest of the room was quite comfortable with a nice queen size bed and comforter that Jaci absolutely adored. The room had a nice double-cup coffee maker featuring Lavazza coffee, which I indulged in before my workout at the fitness center the following morning. The room had a nice temperature which didn’t need to be adjusted at any point. The ice bucket was stainless steel and the room had nice glasses for beverages. Other items of note that were less than ideal in the room were a low showerhead and a small antiquated television. The amenities outside of the room were good featuring access to a man-made lake complete with geese and ducks. The bar was a cozy spot to have appetizers and cocktails. The fitness center had modern equipment and the outside pool was nice and cool. If there was any amenity I was not sure about it would be the dining room, which had an open plan that did not seem romantic and got a bit loud at times. Overall, my wife and I were pleased with our stay at the hotel and I feel Hotwire has rated this hotel appropriately at 3 stars.


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