Do you Travelzoo?

     March 30, 2011 at 9:28 A.M: while enjoying my leisurely Spring Break Wednesday, I stumble upon another This Week’s Top 20 for Travelzoo VIPs email. The deals are popping off the page as far as I am concerned; mountain/beach resorts at 65% off, $69 California: Charming B&B in Downtown Carmel, $319 5-Star Wynn Getaway including Airfare from Denver. This is not an atypical week for the Top 20 but rather the norm. This Week’s Top 20 for Travelzoo VIPs  is just one of the features the travel website provides for novice and experienced travellers alike.
The Top 20 is nice when you want to find hotels at great values but are not really sure where to go. After you sign up for the weekly email, which I can tell you is easy and the least bit intrusive, Travelzoo will fashion your Top 20 notification  to reflect local and regional deals along with the national and international ones. Case in point my weekly Top 20 notifications present at least a couple of Denver (my metropolitan area of residence) or Colorado hotels, along with flight/vacation packages from my home airport of Denver International Airport to other highly sought destinations such as New Orleans in the United States, and Paris and Rome in continental Europe. The information about the deals is clear and provides accurate links and promo codes.
     Besides the Top 20 weekly email, another aspect I truly enjoy using when searching for lodging accomodations is the Travelzoo Supersearch. Here I can input a hotel search based on  a destination with travel dates, an almost instantaneously be presented with results from such tried and true travel search engines as Hotwire, Expedia, Travelocity, etc. It is effective because each time you click on the icon for another travel site you don’t have to input the initial travel inquiry information. Each travel site already has what you are looking for and after a click on the icon, it’s only a matter of seconds to start comparing their deals from the last travel site you clicked on. The Supersearch feature at Travelzoo also provides the same time efficient search means for flights and car rentals.
     Today I just wanted to discuss why I value Travelzoo when searching out my next traveling adventure. The Supersearch feature is easy, effective, and time efficient when looking for the best deals for a pre-determined locale. The Top 20 provides a variety of options when one wants to get out of dodge but doesn’t exactly know where. Furthermore, they tailor your weekly email of deals to reflect your current area of residence for the most relevant travel options. Travelzoo has been an indispensable travel partner over the years and I hope you find that to be the case too. 


2 responses to “Do you Travelzoo?

  1. I LOVE Travelzoo! I recently unsubscribed to a pile of email newsletters that were clogging up my inbox and Travelzoo is one that I kept on my list. I recommend it to friends all the time. The only downside is that I see trips that I don’t have the time or money to take. 😦

    • Yes I think it is a very good place to start when building a trip. Sometimes when I am just looking into airfare I do launch my inquiry from

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