A Tale of Two Resorts Part II Fort Lauderdale, FL. 7/8/11-7/11/11

The Grand Pelican Resort

Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Just as the Ocean Sky Resort resembled a nightmare, the Grand Pelican Resort became our paradise on the Atlantic Coast.  Despite being several stories tall, the architecture had a cottagy feel with its pale yellow exterior and hallways with white painted trim and molding. The balconies and verandas featured earthy-red ceramic tiles that felt simple, inviting, and cozy. The grounds were landscaped well with palm trees, shrubs, and tropical foliage. All this with a small, but quaint beach staring out into the aquamarine backdrop of a calm and picturesque sea. The amenities were tastefully construed and not haphazardly flung together like some low-rent airport business hotel.  As mentioned, the veranda with the earthy-red ceramic tiles and white-painted fence and trim, provided the perfect scene for al fresco dining. There was just the right amount of shade with a consistent gentle breeze from the sea keeping its patrons cool and refreshed even during the hottest times of the day. The food and drink were good, particularly the sweet potato fries and the oh-so delicious mojitos that went down quickly like a pelican diving into the sea for a seafood snack.   

The beach directly in front of the resort had an ample supply of umbrellas, beach chairs, and towels, provided free of charge by the hotel. There were a couple attendants on site, gladly ready and able to place chairs and an umbrella any where you like within the confines of the resort. For those individuals who like to divide their time between the beach and hotel pool, have no fear because there was one, in fact not only a pool but a lazy river that encapsulated the pool area complete with personal inter tubes that clearly piqued every kid’s interest and some adults too! Positioned to the south of the pool area was the hotel bar, from which came poolside waitresses prepared to take and deliver one’s preferred food and beverage orders. Finally worth noting in terms of amenities, was the on-site ice cream parlor dishing out  a respectable selection of tasty cool treats.

There were no complaints with the design and function of our room. Again the colors of pale yellow and white kept the ambiance airy and fresh. The room featured beautiful crown molding which tends to provide such a finished look. I also really enjoyed the sheers over the glass door leading to the balcony. They had an
intricate lace pattern delivering subtle detail to the room. The balcony outside was spacious enough for three or four people complete with simple patio furniture. Although we were not facing the ocean from our balcony, I found the city view to be just as charming and engaging. The bathroom was sectioned into two parts with the vanity and mirror in the front part and the shower in the back one. The bathroom presented a white and navy blue tile that complimented the motif of the room in general. The shower maintained ample room complete with an overhead shower meaning one didn’t need to duck under it in order to get wet. Of course the most important aspect to any hotel room is the bed, and the plush mattress allowed for several hours of uninterrupted sleep. Although it was not a memory foam bed (I don’t think I have slept on one in a hotel to this date) I noticed upon waking that I had initiated very little movement through out the night, suggesting a peaceful rest.

Overall in terms of service, comfortableness, and amenities (particularly access to a quality beach), I rank the Grand Pelican Resort in my top five hotels of all time. The hotel attendants were always attentive to our needs and maintained a pleasant demeanor. The only downside to staying at this hotel is the cost of parking. It is all valet, and one is charged $24.00 a day. In addition, I felt compelled to tip the valet every time I requested my car or returned from an outing. Needless to say I spent a little chunk of change on that operation. That being my only concern, I can without reservation recommend this hotel to anyone looking for quiet repose, a romantic getaway, or a summer family trip.


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