Hotel Rewards Program: Take 1

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English: Streeterville portion of Lake Shore Drive during Bike The Drive (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I signed up for my first hotel rewards program this summer. I used to think it was kind of a scam for the leisure traveler and it may still very well be. I remember times before asking for late check-outs at various establishments only for it to be conditionally granted with the acceptance of their rewards program. I refused to give into the hotels’ demand for a few more moments of restful shut-eye. Until one day something finally snapped and I gave into the temptation. It was the realization that a rewards program membership can come in handy more so than extra sleep. I learned this during my last stay at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago. It would have granted me complimentary access to the fitness center as opposed to the $11.00 fee to non-members, which I declined. In the end it worked out better that I did not use the fitness center, as it just so happened that the hotel found itself a mere few blocks from the wonderful trails of Lake Shore Drive, hugging the beautiful blue waters of Lake Michigan to the East and a mesmerizing view of Chicago’s vast and modern skyline to the West. However I got to thinking what would happen if the next time I wasn’t so blessed with a primo location.

Shortly upon my return to Denver I looked up Hilton’s website and enrolled. The program is called Hilton Honors or HH Rewards for short. I have noticed recently that I really like the Hilton Brand. I can’t recall having a bad experience at one of their places. I’ve stayed at regular Hilton, Hilton Garden Inn, and Hampton Inns. This weekend my wife and I will venture to Manhattan for a long weekend. The hotel we will be staying is called the Double Tree Metropolitan, another member of the Hilton family. Hilton may not necessarily conjure up images of extravagance or unbridled excitement, but it does tend to guarantee a level of comfort that I appreciate more and more. In addition with the rewards program, I noticed that I signed up at a time when Hilton is offering triple points for recent upcoming stays. It remains to be seen if free stays can be accumulated relatively easy or not, particularly now that triple points are in play. Also will I be granted complimentary access to fitness centers and late check outs? Time will tell if the Hilton Rewards Program pays off, leading to additional rewards programs or not.



2 responses to “Hotel Rewards Program: Take 1

  1. I have to travel and I have to stay someplace. I figure if I can get some perks along the way, why not? The thing to remember with Hilton is you have to stay at least once every year or you lose your points. They have enough hotels that is easy to do. If you like Hilton, go with it. I maintain a Hilton account but I’m a more comfortable in Marriott hotels so I am in their program as well with igher status their. The benefits are negligable in either, but the points eventually add up to free stays I can use for my family when not on a business trip. If you get status at one chain you can often switch chains and ask for a compareable status match.

    • Thank you that is great info about hotel reward programs. So looks like you are saying the greatest benefit is to accumulate free stays. I also sppreciate the info about having to stay within a year or losing points.

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